Application Questions

The application questions are a required part the of the application and are specific to the position designed to help the Hiring Agency evaluate all candidates.  Ensure that you answer all of the questions, even if the information is already provided in the resume and profile.

Candidate should save their application, fully review your profile and application to ensure that it is complete, and then click the apply button. 

There are two types of questions that may be included in the application

  1. Required qualifying questions.  These questions are yes/no the hiring agency will review the candidates response to this question against the information provided on your resumes and supporting documentation.
  2. Required clarifying questions.  These questions will ask about years of a specific type of experience.  Below are two examples of how to respond to these types of questions

See below for examples on how to respond in order to receive the proper credit for experience.

For the question below the candidate has more than 3 years of administrative experience.

Here is the same example for a candidate with 2 years of experience.

The candidate should save their application to ensure answers are not lost.  Once your application is received by the hiring agency you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the application.

Thank you for your interest in joining our workforce.