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Candidates may search for current vacancies in a few ways. 

  1. By searching either by key word of zip code
  2. By searching for jobs on the map, candidates can zoom in on an area of Illinois to see which counties may have open vacancies
  3. By using the featured jobs section, this section has vacancies filtered by job types such as clerical, heath care or technology
  4. View All Jobs, will provide of listing of all current vacancies

The first step in application process is creating a candidate profile.  In order to create an account, potential candidates will need to read and accept the data privacy statement.  Candidates are able to request to receive email notifications for posting that meet their interests.

For any questions related to completing the Candidate Profile please click here.

Once the Candidate has identified a position they would like to apply to, start by clicking the Apply Now button.

Please note:  The position posting will indicate if a paper application is required for a position.  If the paper process is required, please refer to the information below related to the paper application process.

If you see the language below, click here for paper application process

The State of Illinois is transitioning to an electronic hiring process including the ability to apply for employment opportunities online. Implementation of the electronic hiring process will occur in phases. Positions represented by a Collective Bargaining Agreement will implement the electronic hiring process in a future phase of implementation. Online applications will not be accepted for this position. PLEASE FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS BELOW TO APPLY.

The first section of the application included voluntary disclosure sections.  We continually strive for a workforce that reflects the growing diversity within the State of Illinois.  A variety of employee backgrounds, perspectives, ideas and experiences are crucial to our ability to most effectively serve the public.

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