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We continually strive for a workforce that reflects the growing diversity within the State of Illinois.  A variety of employee backgrounds, perspectives, ideas and experiences are crucial to our ability to most effectively serve the public.  Bilingual skills welcome

Reasonable Accommodation Statement

Persons with disabilities are provided reasonable accommodations throughout the hiring process and during performance of all job duties.  Please email the Central Management Services Disability Resource Center at CMS.DisabilityResCen@illinois.gov or call (217) 524 - 7514 for further information and to request an accommodation.

Sponsorship for Employment

The State of Illinois does not provide sponsorship for employment visa status (e.g. H-1B visa status).  To be considered for permanent employment with the State of Illinois, applicants must be currently authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis.

Disclosure of Salary Information

In compliance with the Illinois Equal Pay Act, 820 ILCS 112/1 et seq., the State does not seek, request, or require a job applicant’s wage or salary history.  Employment decisions are not made based on an applicant’s wage or salary history.  To that end, please do not include wage or salary information in your resume or other profile or application materials.

Date:  Jan 11, 2022

Joliet, IL, US, 60435-6724

Job Requisition ID:  10753

DCFS is deeply committed to the welfare and protection of children. Our goal is to protect children by strengthening and supporting families. In every effort, from receiving hotline calls to reaching family reunification or foster care and adoption, children and families are our focus.


Agency:  Department of Children and Family Services 
Closing Date/Time:  01/26/2022 
Salary:  Anticipated Starting Salary $7,500-8,750 per month 
Job Type:  Salaried Full Time 
County:  Will 
Number of Vacancies:  1 
Plan/BU:  Gubernatorial Exclusion 010 



****************A RESUME IS REQUIRED FOR THIS JOB POSTING****************

Please attach a DETAILED Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV) to the MY DOCUMENTS section of your application. Ensure all information is included in resume. You WILL NOT be considered for the position if you attach a CMS100, CMS100b or any other document that is not a Resume or CV.

Job Responsibilities

1. Serves as Senior Regional Counsel

  • As directed, represents the Department at all hearings on calendars in the juvenile courts of assigned counties, including temporary custody, adjudication, disposition, permanency, status, progress, termination of parental rights, and motion hearings
  • Appears personally in court, especially on high-profile or complex cases
  • Evaluates, prepares, and presents evidence on behalf of the Department in court and at administrative hearings and service appeals, including examining and cross-examining witnesses
  • Argues facts and points of law and presents and argues pre-hearing and post-hearing motions and other legal pleadings, both orally and by written brief
  • Provides advice and counsel to staff attorneys, regional counsel, and other court personnel, as well as paralegals and technical advisors responsible for probate, delinquency, and other criminal matters
  • Drives to various locations in the performance of duties

2. Interviews Department witnesses

  • Obtains subpoenas for documents needed for evidentiary purposes
  • Provides technical advice and counsel to Department personnel conducting all levels of administrative “fair hearings”
  • Serves as the Department’s representative in the “fair hearing” process
  • Represents the Department in administrative hearings on cases where requests have been made to expunge or amend records of child abuse or neglect and service appeals
  • Makes recommendations regarding appropriate action

(Job Responsibilites continued)

3. Evaluates cases involving clients where the Department is involved in court or seeking expunction or indication

  • Evaluates such cases to determine if they meet statutory and Department rule requirements
  • Consults with and provides direction to Department staff as to what evidence is necessary to meet statutory and Department rule requirements for such actions

4. Serves as legal advisor to the Regional Administrator

  • Provides advice and counsel to regional operational and administrative staff
  • Attends and provides input into regional operational and administrative meetings
  • Provides technical assistance to court liaisons, supervisors, and caseworkers in developing case presentations and interpreting court orders, statutes, and regulations

5. Plans, directs, and conducts technical legal screening and provides case consultation to caseworkers and supervisors to help prepare cases for termination of parental rights (TPR), to determine when cases are trial ready for TPR, and to provide case consideration for case plan writing in all offices throughout the region

  • Advocates for the filing of trial ready TPR petitions by the various State’s Attorney’s Offices and provides technical assistance to casework staff for legal preparation of case plans

6. Serves as Department liaison to judiciary, State’s Attorney’s Offices, and various court personnel in numerous counties in the region

  • Upon agreement with State’s Attorney’s Offices, represents the Department in proceedings under the juvenile court in which the State’s Attorney’s Office cannot or will not adequately represent the Department’s position
  • Upon request, assists State’s Attorneys in case preparation

(Job Responsibilites continued)

7. Serves as local Department liaison to the Attorney General’s Office in cases in which the Department is represented by an Assistant Attorney General and represents the Department when the Attorney General’s Office authorizes self-representation by the Department

  • Plans and conducts legal training for regional personnel

8. Maintains current working knowledge of new legislation, Department rules and policy, and all relevant law

  • Conducts complex legal research and analysis in conjunction with providing timely, accurate legal advice and counsel
  • Provides written advice and counsel on specific complex legal issues of both statewide and regional importance, requiring in-depth legal research and analysis
  • Provides timely reporting to the Assistant Deputy General Counsel in the region, as requested
  • Advises supervisors of pertinent developments and emergency situations in the region

9. As legal counsel to the region, provides recommendations to regional management in the discipline process, arbitration preparation, and grievance preparation concerning regional staff

  • Attends pre-disciplinary meetings, grievance hearings, or other proceedings as a witness

10. Performs other duties as required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope of the duties enumerated above

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Minimum Qualifications:

1. Requires possesion of a valid license to practice law in Illinois

2. Requires three years of experience in the practice of law


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Prefers experience as an attorney in cases involving child welfare or juvenile law
  2. Prefers experience as an attorney presenting and arguing legal cases in court and/or administrative hearings
  3. Prefers experience as an attorney conducting legal analysis
  4. Prefers substantive legal writing experience as an attorney in the areas of motions, pleadings, briefs, and memoranda
  5. Prefers professional experience working in a liaison capacity with various internal and external entities
  6. Prefers thorough knowledge of Illinois statutes and rules that have a substantial impact on Illinois juvenile court proceedings and/or DCFS’s administrative hearings

Employment Conditions

  1. Requires the ability to pass a background check
  2. Requires possession of a valid driver’s license and ability to travel

Worke Hours: Monday - Friday 08:30am-5:00pm

Work Location: 1619 W Jefferson St Joliet, IL 60435

Agency Contact: Michael.Bernardy@illinois.gov

Job Function: Administration/Management

PIN: 03-1914


****************A RESUME IS REQUIRED FOR THIS JOB POSTING****************

Please attach a DETAILED Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV) to the MY DOCUMENTS section of your application. Ensure all information is included in resume. You WILL NOT be considered for the position if you attach a CMS100, CMS100b or any other document that is not a Resume or CV.