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We continually strive for a workforce that reflects the growing diversity within the State of Illinois.  A variety of employee backgrounds, perspectives, ideas and experiences are crucial to our ability to most effectively serve the public.  Bilingual skills welcome

Reasonable Accommodation Statement

Persons with disabilities are provided reasonable accommodations throughout the hiring process and during performance of all job duties.  Please email the Central Management Services Disability Resource Center at or call (217) 524 - 7514 for further information and to request an accommodation.

Sponsorship for Employment

The State of Illinois does not provide sponsorship for employment visa status (e.g. H-1B visa status).  To be considered for permanent employment with the State of Illinois, applicants must be currently authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis.

Disclosure of Salary Information

In compliance with the Illinois Equal Pay Act, 820 ILCS 112/1 et seq., the State does not seek, request, or require a job applicant’s wage or salary history.  Employment decisions are not made based on an applicant’s wage or salary history.  To that end, please do not include wage or salary information in your resume or other profile or application materials.

Date:  May 11, 2022

Springfield, IL, US, 62764-0001

Job Requisition ID:  15551

Agency:  Department of Transportation 
Closing Date/Time:  05/25/2022 
Salary:  $7,165 - $11,660 Monthly 
Job Type:  Salaried Full Time 
County:  Sangamon 
Number of Vacancies:  1 
Plan/BU:  Non-Union 

*This position is covered by the Revolving Door Prohibition Policy.


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Please attach a DETAILED Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV) to the MY DOCUMENTS section of your application. You WILL NOT be considered for the position if you attach a CMS100, CMS100b or any other document that is not a Resume or CV.



All applicants who want to be considered for this position MUST apply electronically through the website. State of Illinois employees should click the link near the top left to apply through the SuccessFactors employee career portal.

Applications submitted via email or any paper manner (mail, fax, hand delivery) will not be considered.

Agency Mission Statement

The Illinois Department of Transportation is seeking to hire a Location and Environmental Section Chief.


The IDOT team works diligently to provide safe, cost-effective transportation for Illinois in ways that enhance quality of life, promote economic prosperity and protect our environment. We are problem solvers and leaders, constantly searching for innovations and improvements in support of our commitment to providing the best multimodal transportation system for Illinois.


Our team fosters a culture of inclusivity. We value diversity and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards as we work together for a common purpose. Team members frequently collaborate with colleagues and others outside the department to best meet customer needs. 


Employees enjoy excellent benefits, including health, vision and dental insurance; a retirement plan and deferred compensation options; state holidays and other time off; tuition reimbursement; flexible schedules; and pre-tax benefit programs. The department also offers extensive training and career advancement opportunities.


We invite qualified applicants to apply to become part of our team. We are confident that you will take pride in serving Illinois and its residents and visitors.

Job Responsibilities

This position is accountable for providing highly specialized environment expertise for all offices of the department.  This expertise includes transportation, regional/urban planning, air quality, biology/ecology, water quality, water and wetland resources, special waste, noise, socio-economics, agriculture, archaeology, and historic sites and structures, any of which may be impacted by the construction of highways, airports, waterways, reservoirs, railroads, and public transit systems. 


This position reports to the Engineer of Design and Environment.  Reporting to this position are the Project Development Unit Chief, Project Coordination Unit Manager, Geologic and Waste Assessment Unit Chief, Natural Resources Unit Manager, and Cultural Resources Unit Manager.   


This position is responsible for coordinating the studies, reviews, and other professional activities of a diverse, highly technical staff so that all department highway project environmental documents are sufficient to obtain necessary approvals outside the department.  These include, but are not limited to, environmental impact statements (EISs), environmental assessments (EAs), and Section 4(f) statements.  In order to coordinate the Location and Environment Section’s activities effectively, the incumbent should possess an in-depth knowledge of air quality, noise impacts and associated noise abatement measures, natural/ecological resources, water quality and resources, wetland resources, special  wastes and contamination, and other physical resources impacts, as well as impacts associated with the relocation of families and businesses, special groups and interests, public services and facilities, area economics, agriculture and other land uses, and energy resources. The incumbent initiates environmental research projects, training activities, and other opportunities which will enable staff within the Location and Environment Section and throughout the department to respond more knowledgeably to environmental matters. The incumbent will face a broad variety of technical and managerial challenges.  


The greatest challenge in this position is to maintain the delicate balance between compliance and ever changing federal and state environmental requirements while meeting department budget constraints and construction schedules for transportation facilities.  Typical problems associated with this position include assisting in the development of policies, procedures, and standards; acting as liaison with state/federal/local agencies on environmental matters; and directing administration of a statewide survey program for cultural resources, natural resources, special waste, and wetlands utilizing universities and not-for-profit organizations. 


(Job Responsibilities continued)

The incumbent personally determines the environmental needs of the department and plans the activities of the Location and Environment Section to meet them.  The incumbent provides input into the development of policies and procedures for writing environmental impact statements, which will endure acceptance by outside agencies.  S/He ensures that environmental concerns of outside agencies are addressed before a final site is selected for a department project.  The incumbent assures outside agency personnel that their concerns are being addressed and, when problems arise, works to reach a solution that satisfies each agency concerned.  The incumbent develops environmental research projects that provide solutions to special problems the department encounters.  S/He administers university programs and grants for the department which involve such areas as biological resources, cultural resources, wetlands, and special waste. The incumbent works with his/her staff to suggest policies and procedures to assess and mitigate the impact of department projects upon the environment.  S/He advises district office staff and the Office of lntermodal Project Implementation on special problems.  The incumbent reviews all environment documents, including statements by outside agencies, which may involve department planning and/or projects for approval.  


The incumbent accomplishes accountabilities through the following staff: 
Project Development Unit Chief, who assists in the development of project studies in the districts to ensure uniformity of policy compliance; approves exceptions to design policies; supports approval of project studies, plans, and specifications; and ensures projects are ready for letting in a timely manner.    
Project Coordination Unit Manager, who is accountable for guiding and coordinating project environmental impact studies performed by the district offices or their consultants; providing expert review of and comments on environmental reports submitted by other offices of the department and local government highway agencies; and managing the social, economic, and physical resources studies program which supports EISs and other environmental documents for all of the department’s highway projects. 
Geologic and Waste Assessment Unit Chief, who is accountable for managing the special waste investigation and remediation program, reviewing and preparing special waste sections of environmental documents, and providing technical guidance and expertise department wide. This position is responsible for managing and directing Phase I and II special waste investigation activities of statewide consultants in the statewide survey program. 

Natural Resources Unit Manager, who is accountable for managing natural resources assessments.  These assessments support EISs and other environmental documents for all department projects and for local government highway projects, together with managing contractual statewide biological resources and the wetland resources survey and studies program. 
Cultural Resources Unit Manager, who is accountable for managing the cultural resources studies program which supports EISs and other environmental documents for all department projects and for local government highway projects.  The incumbent ensures that the department is in compliance with all aspects of Section 106 of the Historic Preservation Act of 1966. 

(Job Responsibilities continued)

The incumbent is given wide latitude to provide the technical expertise in environmental analyses and mitigation for the department and solves most problems independently.  Only the most sensitive problems are referred to the Engineer of Design and Environment with recommended solutions.  Environmental analyses and reports are made within the regulations of the state and federal environmental protection agencies, Federal Highway Association, and agreements with other state and federal agencies.  Within departmental policy and budget limitations, s/he handles personnel issues and staffing and authorizes purchases for the Location and Environment Section.  

Internally, the incumbent has contact with district program development engineers and district managers, along with departmental managers on environmental matters.  S/He provides input department wide on highways, airports, waterways and reservoirs, railroads, and public transit in the development and interpretation of policy as it relates to the environment.  The incumbent coordinates with the Bureau of Local Roads and Streets on reviewing the EISs developed by city and county staff for state and federally funded projects and provides the expertise of the Location and Environment Section to other areas of the department as needed.  Outside the department, the incumbent is in regular contact with the  Federal Highway Administration,  Illinois Department of Agriculture, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, United States Army Corps of Engineers, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and state environmental protection agencies to ensure his/her understanding of current regulations and to provide input on special needs within the department.  The incumbent travels statewide occasionally with overnight stays to attend meetings and to visit project sites where special problems occur.  

The effectiveness of this position can be evaluated by the extent to which special environmental problems are anticipated and solved without undue delay for needed transportation projects and by the degree of understanding and concern for the environment exhibited throughout the department. 

Principal Accountabilities

1.    Monitors environmental studies and reports conducted by the department to ensure that real problems are addressed, and that policy is uniformly applied department wide.
2.    Provides specialized expertise to assist the Office of Highways Project Implementation personnel in solving environment-related problems.
3.    Provides liaison with environmental agencies to ensure that department needs are recognized, and environmental problems are adequately addressed.
4.    Develops environmental research projects to provide solutions to special problems.
5.    Reviews ElSs of city and county agency projects financed with state and federal funds to ensure that regulations are complied with and problems are addressed.
6.    Plans, organizes, and schedules activities of the Location and Environment Section to  ensure the timely and efficient completion of assigned responsibilities.
7.    Administers university programs and grants which address environmental matters for the department.
8.    Prequalifies and evaluates environmental consultants for environmental work for the department.
9.    Promotes professional development of his/her staff through training in the disciplines which affect environmental studies through evaluation and motivation.
10.    Keeps abreast of issues related to environmental topics of concern to the department and understands their potential effects on department projects.
11.    Performs duties in compliance with departmental safety rules.  Performs all duties in a manner conducive to the fair and equitable treatment of all employees.
12.    Performs other duties as assigned.


Position Requirements 

•    Education/Experience

  • Completion of a bachelor’s degree majoring in civil engineering, environmental sciences, or biological sciences PLUS six years of progressively responsible managerial experience administering transportation infrastructure projects; OR
  • Fourteen years of progressively responsible managerial experience administering transportation infrastructure projects

•    At least three years of supervisory experience
•    Valid driver’s license
•    Occasional statewide travel with overnight stays


Position Desirables

•    Comprehensive knowledge of the laws and regulations controlling environmental activities administered
•    Ability to promote, establish, and maintain harmonious relationships with staff and the public
•    Comprehensive knowledge of state and federal requirements for processing transportation projects for approval
•    Strong oral and written communication skills
•    Ability to initiate, coordinate, and direct large-scale transportation projects and planning activities of a difficult and technical nature



Work Hours:  8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday-Friday 
Work Location: 2300 S Dirksen Pkwy Springfield, IL 62764-0001 

Office: Office of Highways Project Implementation/Bureau of Design & Environment 
Agency Contact:
Job Function: Transportation 


The main form of communication will be through email. Please check your “junk mail”, “spam”, or “other” folder for communication(s) regarding any submitted application(s). You may receive emails from the following addresses: